The Future of the Database (Infographic)

During the first database wars in the early 1980s, it wasn’t immediately obvious that the relational database model was superior to existing models. But over time, this model won due the power of SQL programming and ability to simply structure critical business data for back-office automation, e-business, and web-sites. As data growth and transaction loads … More The Future of the Database (Infographic)

The Complete Hadoop EcoSystem – NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases: NoSQL DEFINITION: Next Generation Databases mostly addressing some of the points: being non-relational, distributed, open-source¬†and¬†horizontally scalable. . The original intention has been modern web-scale databases. The movement began early 2009 and is growing rapidly. Often more characteristics apply such as: schema-free, easy replication support, simple API, eventually consistent / BASE (not ACID), a … More The Complete Hadoop EcoSystem – NoSQL Databases

Some common misconceptions about Database

1. A relational DBMS is a “storage” or “persistance” layer. NO! The relational model is an abstract mathematical model for representing and manipulating data. Whether the data is in memory or on disk is completely irrelevant from the model perspective. In an implementation of the model (an RDBMS) the designer, programmer or user should not … More Some common misconceptions about Database