How to avoid Procrastination and stay focused on work/study

Who hasn’t experienced time anxiety when faced with a task that has to be finished by a certain deadline? In these circumstances, who hasn’t felt the need to put off that task, to “come up for air”? Who hasn’t had that unpleasant sensation of depending on time, chasing after appointments, giving up what one loves … More How to avoid Procrastination and stay focused on work/study

Custom Input Format in MapReduce

Custom Input Format: Before implementing Custom Input Format, please find the answer for what is Input Format. InputFormat describes the input-specification for a Map-Reduce job. (wiki) The Map-Reduce framework relies on the InputFormat of the job to: Validate the input-specification of the job. Split-up the input file(s) into logical InputSplits, each of which is then assigned to an individual Mapper. … More Custom Input Format in MapReduce

Self Driving Uber Car

A year and a half ago, Uber set up an Advanced Technologies Center (ATC) in Pittsburgh. Its mission: to make self-driving Ubers a reality. Today, we’re excited to announce that the world’s first Self-Driving Ubers are now on the road in the Steel City.   From Uber Newsroom “We’re inviting our most loyal Pittsburgh customers … More Self Driving Uber Car