Why should we learn Hadoop, R and Python? Part III

PS: This is continuation of Part II.


Python is easy to learn Like Java, C, and Perl, the basics of Python are easier to grasp for newbies. A programmer coding in Python would be required to write less code owing to its beginner-friendly features like code readability, simple syntax, and ease-of-implementation.

Python is easier to debug Finding and squashing bugs is every programmer’s worst nightmare, which is why Python’s unique design lends itself well to programmers starting out in data science. Writing less code means it is easier to debug, and programs compiled in Python are also prone to fewer issues than those written in some of the more popular languages out there.

Python finds widespread applicationJust like R, the Python programming language finds application in a variety of software packages and industry areas. Python powers Google’s search engine, YouTube, DropBox, Reddit, Quora, Disqus, and FriendFeed. NASA, IBM, and Mozilla, too, rely heavily on Python. And as a skilled Python specialist, you could land a job at any of these big names.

Python is an Object Oriented LanguageA strong grasp of the fundamentals of this object-oriented language means that you can then migrate to any other object-oriented language by having to learn only the syntax of the new language.

Python is open sourceAs an open-source programming language, Python is available free of cost. Startups and small-scale companies thus benefit hugely from this. Owing to the fact that the language is also simple by nature, it can be handled efficiently by a smaller team.

Python is a high-performance languageTo build business critical applications that are quick and fast, Python has long been the language of choice. With its huge standard library and resources, the assistance required to stay productive is but a click away.

Python and the Rasberry PiNot only is it a preferred language among web and game developers, but if you are thinking of doing some amazing things with theRaspberry Pi, then Python is what you need to learn. From amateurs to expert programmers, anyone can now build a real world application with the use of Python.


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